Top Best Fundraising Sites for Charity Donations

Feel the need to make a good thing for others? Unsure what to do and how to do it? 

Online fundraising platforms are the answer. They make the process of fundraising easier and quicker. But there are so many of them, how can one choose the best one? To help you find the ideal fundraising website, we have created the list of the best fundraising sites for charity donations. 

According to, the website that specializes on comparing and reviewing different fundraising platforms and organizations, you should ask yourself some questions before choosing a platform for fundraising. 

Taking into consideration  these crucial questions here is the list of online charity fundraising sites. 

Igloo is not just a house in the snow, Igloo is the house for all best online deals and cashback deals. Igloo launched during 2020 by a group of serial entrepreneurs with a proven record of establishing startups from Zero$ to Millions$ annual sales.

You can get the most cashback for shopping online with Igloo. Get your cashback to your private Igloo account, or even better, to your group igloo account. Having you and your friends or people with the same cause getting more cash to your group. You can choose what to do with your money.

Head straight to the site you want to shop, and the browser extension will remind you of the possibility to get Cash Back on your purchase.

Buy in your favorite shops such as AliExpress, Banggood, GearBest, ASOS and others. When you visit the web shop, Igloo will remind you to activate the cashback so that you and your group will not miss it.

When you visit Amazon or eBay and some other websites that do not have cashback option then Igloo allow you to buy via Igloo – and then they donate the profits to non-profit organizations.

You can see cashback offers while you search the web and compare Cash Back rates right on the search results pages of Google.

Share the referral link to Igloo cashback service with your friends and get them to join your Igloo. When they join and get cashback it will be saved on your group Igloo account.

Check out this following extension:

And the following app in google play:

Classy works as a subscription service that offers fundraising options for nonprofits. The website helps charities to organize fundraising events and everything connected to the preparations for them. One of the Classy’s features-it provides reports about giving trends and trends in supporters’ behavior.  The other interesting option is that Classy gives nonprofits the option to make donations recurring. So supporters can repeat their donations. 

Charity Navigator is a website that assigns star ratings to lots of charities based on several factors. So it makes it easy to understand how nonprofits manage the donations. The website searches through thouthands of different charities and reviews their incomes and transparency. This website is perfect for those who want to make a change with minimal effort. You can  activate recurring donations to any charity of your choice. 

The last, but not the leastFundraising websites like we listed before can help you fulfill your need for giving and help someone who probably got into trouble and needs help. Take some time to learn more about fundraising and fundraising websites to make a change.


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